New Year’s Photography Tips

New Year's Photography Tips

This is an opportunity to see yourself in a new image, have a good time with your loved ones, relax with friends or create a fabulous story together. Winter shooting has some peculiarities: you need to consider the weather conditions and the amount of light.

Idea and location

The first thing I do to come up with a plot is to ask about you: what are your hobbies, where do you like to spend time, what kind of movies do you like. The next step is seaching of locations.

If the family spends a lot of time outdoors and loves active sports, we can go skiing, and the shots will be a cool bonus to positive emotions! If you are a couple who has a favorite cafe, why not arrange to shoot there?

Or if you always wanted cozy pictures like from Hollywood films about Christmas with marshmallows, a fireplace and a blanket we can rent a good photostudio for them.

Examples of ideas for the street

Fairs appear here and there before the holiday, and the streets are decorated with garlands. Beautiful backgrounds are everywhere – all that remains is to dress warmly, take a thermos with something hot and have a good time.

  • New Year’s Fair;
  • Walk in the winter forest: you can play snowballs, build a snowman or make angels;
  • Ice skating;
  • Winter hike with campfire and mulled wine;
  • Photo shoots with horses and dogs;
  • Travelling by car or train;
  • The frame on the beach in the «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind» style;
  • Trip to the village;
  • Photos with colored smoke.
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New Year's Photography Tips

In the photostudio or at home

Advantages – warm and comfortable, you can take pictures at any time, it is easy to change clothes, fix your makeup and hair. Deficiencies – usually from the beginning of November it becomes difficult to find free time in the studios, and the interiors in them become a cliché. A good alternative is to look for apartments or houses that are rented by individuals and take pictures there.

  • Themed shoot: “Harry Potter” or “Home Alone” plot script;
  • Pajama party with pillows and cocoa;
  • Preparing for the new year – decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts;
  • Cooking sweets;
  • In a country house near the fireplace.
New Year's Photography Tips


If shooting on the street, dress warmly and remember that black clothing will look the least advantageous. Excellent warming accessories – gloves, mittens, scarves. I like how winter coats, sheepskin coats look in pictures. An extreme option is a sweater, but, of course, you won’t stand in it for a long time, and this option is suitable only for warm days.

New Year's Photography Tips
New Year's Photography Tips
New Year's Photography Tips

The most important thing is that the clothes are comfortable and combined with the surrounding interior. Again, the starting point is the theme. If these are the same shots in the style of Narnia, then we do them based on the book, but with an eye to the season. The basic universal rules that apply to clothing, I wrote in an article.

If shooting in a photo studio, keep in mind that they are light and dark, with an interior close to home, or vice versa, to a palace setting. For a light studio – light clothes, and in a dark studio you can wear clothes of deeper colors (red, green, blue).

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Try not to wear clothes of colors that are not on the location. For example, if white and red prevail in the studio, then it is better to choose clothes in beige tones, with red accents. Pay attention to the style of clothing: if the studio is in a loft style, a street-style look will look good in it (jeans, sweaters, plaid shirts), and if it’s something more comfortable, beautiful pajamas will looking good.
Natural make-up with smooth lines and a slight emphasis on the eyes or lips is best suited for a New Year’s photo shoot.

Examples of successful clothing