How to dress for your photoshoot?

How to dress for your photoshoot?

Why is it important to dress appropriately for a photoshoot?

What is photography? Technically, just an imprint of light, but in fact, something more. This is a combination of place, color, composition and images, working on one idea. We can get a good posed photography only if we thought about each element in advance.

Clothing is one of the important elements of a photoshoot. Most of us know famous people like Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, Sid Vicious or John Lennon, Steven Spielberg or Rihanna. We will distinguish these people from hundreds of others, we will be able to understand a little of their character and even a little bit to know their way of life.

We want to tell about ourselves. There are several tricks to help you choose clothes for shooting – they will allow you to hide flaws, focus on the merits and tell the story you want.

Clothing suggestions for your portrait photography session

The starting point for an idea can be anything: your looks, hobbies, a new hat, or an amazing location. The bottom line is that clothes should become part of the puzzle, that is, they should look harmoniously together with the rest, fit into the mood of the shooting and partly create it.

Example. If we start from the place – a photo studio with a cozy New Year’s interior in red and white colors, then pajamas can become a good choice. If we plan to shoot on the street, then we select the image depending on the season. For example, if shooting in the city in winter, then most likely the colors should be light – blue, beige, gray, pale pink. If the starting point is a beautiful vintage dress, we find a location where it looks appropriate – an old apartment with stucco or a park with sculptures.

It is best to start with the color type of the model – according to it you can choose a palette, brightness, saturation of clothes. Further – how can you describe yourself, what lifestyle do you lead and how do you want to look in the eyes of others? Are you a programmer? Do you like contemporary art and do you travel a lot? Don’t wear something that isn’t about you: if you’ve never worn a tie, or if you’ve worn stilettos once in your life, it’s a bad idea to shoot in this.

How to dress for your photoshoot?
How to dress for your photoshoot?
How to dress for your photoshoot?
How to dress for your photoshoot?

Consider clothing associations. For example, in the eyes of many, a suit is about business style and responsibility, while sneakers are a street, informal option. There are many parameters of clothing: length, color, presence or absence of decorative elements, etc. Each of them can tell about a person: about him, his life, place and time where he lives. Things should be combined with each other: in style, color, etc.

Choose clothes according to size: looser is better than tighter. Clothes that are even a little small no longer fit nicely, form wrinkles and add extra pounds. Moreover, if you want to wear an oversize item, the second should be fitted. For example, if you are wearing an oversized sweater, add skinny jeans to it.

You can be inspired by examples of beautiful images in the movies, on websites (Conde Nast, bureau 24/7). In addition, there is a localization of style: street-style in Japan, Russia or Italy is different.

Choose monochromatic clothes and try not to use more than three colors in the image – experts generally advise limiting yourself to two. Avoid drawings, inscriptions, logos on clothes. When shooting, I advise you to remove accessories, unless you wear them in everyday life.

Pay attention to the little things: a belt that doesn’t match jeans, socks that don’t match the color reduce the quality of photos. Choose the right underwear – it is advisable to wear a flesh-colored seamless set for shooting.

For those who want to dress beautifully for the shoot, I have compiled a checklist and some examples of moodboards.

How to dress for your photoshoot?

What to wear to an acting portfolio photo shoot?

An acting portfolio allows you to create a personal brand, and most importantly, to introduce you to directors and art directors, get a role in TV shows, films or other interesting projects. In general, the rules are the same as above, but there are a few nuances:

There are two types of portfolios. Firstly, theatrical, with clothes in muted colors, makeup as neutral as possible. Secondly, advertising, where you can afford a bright look. It is desirable to have both types of photographs.

For a theatrical portfolio, it is better to take plain clothes in muted tones that do not distract from the face and emphasize the figure. Take two or three types of clothing for shooting.

Do you just want to update your portfolio, or get a specific role? If we are talking about the second, then it will be an advantage that the image will hint at it a little with a cut, color scheme.

How to dress for a model test shoot?

Model tests are examples of photographs that show the model’s type, her ability to work with emotions, pose and keep herself in the frame. Such works allow assessing the skills and experience of the model.

Clothing should be stylish and fit well. For a good test, you need 3 completed looks. It is best to make them from plain clothes in white, black, beige, gray tones. Suitable:

How to dress for your photoshoot?

Neutral sole-coloured T-shirts without prints, patterns, logos;

Tight oversize or boyfriend shirts. It can be in a cage, sole-coloured, denim;


Denim shorts, jackets, vests;

Jeans (boyfriends, fitted jeans, high waist), leather trousers;


Leather jackets, long raincoats;

Stilettos, heavy lace-up boots, high boots, sneakers;

Choose the right underwear: beige seamless, triangular bras without cups, body or closed matte swimsuit. To show femininity and a figure, you can take high-waisted underwear or sports underwear with you. Refuse too candid options.

Pay attention to the manicure – colorless or neutral, beige or milky, without pictures. The skin should be of a natural color, you should not visit a solarium on the eve of the shooting.

Important – the hair should look healthy, so if you have too dry, split ends, it is better to trim them.